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The 5D cinema

The 5D cinema of the Islamic Revolution& Holy Defense Museum is one of the most modern and exciting parts of the museum, which has been set up by IT experts of the museum with the latest technology. This cinema is located in the interior of the3th museum hall and can be used by dear visitors, depending on the situations.

Some features of this cinema include the following:
1) The four titles of these 3D films are respectively the operations, Tarigholghods (the liberation of Bostan) - Dooran (the martyr Dooran  and his attack on the Baghdad Al-Dore Refinery and the attack on the hotel of the NAM Conference) - the Identification operation (under the command of Martyr Bagheri and the destruction of the Iraq artillery known as Khamseh Khumsa) -Morvarid Operation (destruction of al-Bakr and al-Omayya platforms)
2. Cinema with intense motion blisters, neck, leg and face, continuous air flow, sound and environmental vibration.
3. The broadcast system is wireless and separate for each seat and no interference with disturbing environmental sounds.
4. The 3D playback system is a combination of left and right eye irritation and can be displayed side-by-side with the glasses.